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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

update on tata steel

tatasteel made a low of 288 , my target is 285. it is near my target. wait for target 285. or book profit if you thing that your happen in your profits. i have so many call for buy sell i can update all the calls here so if you want know your calls advise for sell or buy or hold. email me on my email id -

update at 11:21 AM (08-07-2015):

tata steel made low of 286 only 1rs remain for my targets.

update at 11:30 AM (08-07-2015):
target achieved. No call open.
tata steel made low of 284.5

Monday, July 6, 2015

Updates On calls given on tatasteel and yesbank

1. Yes Bank hit target and also gone below the target.
2. Tatasteel hit low 292

Friday, July 3, 2015

Sell Tata Steel at 304 for short term and intraday

Sell Tata Steel at 304.35 ( previous closing price) with stop loss of 311 for target of 285 for short term as well as for intraday also.

Note: But remember when you take intraday try to remember your risk factor. I am updating this stock tip before the opening of market you can check the timing of my post, but some time due to any good news stock may open in strong upside then don't take it.If it open huge gap down then also for intraday don't take it wait for some correction after that take sell so that for intraday risk factor will decrease . I am giving this sell call for short term but some times it works for intraday also. If i am online at market hours then will update more calls.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

sell yes bank at 875

take sell yes bank at 875 (in july future it is 977) for target of 860 ( in future it is 862) with stop loss of 880 ( in future 882). Accordingly you can take options for today and tomorrow it will hit 860 target.

Update ( 02/07/2015 15:18 PM) : low after the call 868.7 ( in equity)

Monday, June 29, 2015

sell adani power for target of 27.5

Sell adani power at 29.75 with stoploss of 30.95 for target of 27.5. Sell again if goes below 26.7

More this i will update if i will get time.


Hit the target on the same day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

buy unitech for 3 months target 18.4

Buy unitech at 14.4 with stop loss of 13.8 or strong stop loss 11 and target 18.4 for 3 months and  20.2 and 22.4 for six months target and for six month target stop loss is 11.

This short term trading strategy so keep patience if you have taken huge amount. target will hit but you must have to keep your patience.

For any free guidance you can comment here.


- do not exit in the stop loss . buy if it goes more down and wait for final target 18.4.

Update 2 : (Date : 01-06-2015 05:20 pm)
- Unitech is not going up or down. But don't worry about market fluctuations. I have given this call for short term investors. So hold it will hit target soon. Even in the bad results it is not going down so mostly it will go up and will hit targets given above. Other calls i will update if i will get time.

Update 3 : (Date : 03-06-2015 10:49 am)
- Unitech is going down but hold it as long as holding stoploss 11.

Update 4 : (Date : 03-06-2015 01:05 pm)
- Unitech hit stoploss exit longs.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Buy call on tata steel

Buy tatasteel at 325 with stop loss of 314 and target 343 for short and intraday.

After a long time i got time to update a buy call for short investor and trader.

Update 1: Date ( 7th April 2015) time 2:48 pm

from 325 to 332.6 is 7.6 Rs gain is not bad gain in intraday hold for the short term target 343. Happy trading.

Update 2 : Date (8th April 2015) time 9:25 am

tata steel made high 341 near my target and i have booked profit at at 339.8. Now my suggestion is if your getting good profit in 2 days then why not exit from that stock and wait for my new update.

i got 15 Rs profit per stock.

Update 3 : Date (8th April 2015) time 9:41 am

Target hit ( 343)

Thanks for following free stock tips and waiting for new update.