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Friday, May 24, 2013

Updates on my previous calls

  • My all calls are closed.
  • My best call on relinfra closed and it achieved my last target of 435 and after that no modified tgt or stoploss given.
  • Call on Sesa goa also closed and opto circuit not executed. 
  • In the relinfra call got good profit. Got profit of 435-356=79 means 18% profit in 38days (not bad one). From my point of view its great call, i think visitors happy with this call.
  • More calls updated soon.......... 
Happy Trading......

Friday, May 10, 2013

Modified Target for relinfra is 435

Modified Target for the call given on May 02 ( is achieved my given Target of 410 Now my new target is 435 with stop loss of 389. The target given for 396 on april 16 its achieved and on second of may the modified target of 410 is also achieved. Now hold for the new Modified Target of 435 and with stop loss of 389.


  • Relinfra achieved Target 410
  • Tata steel not performing as per call and remain in sideways and hit stop loss so exit form the call and new target and stop loss will be posted when finds any thing good in this script.
  • Sesa goa is on Hold and made a high 166 till today.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Buy Tata Steel Ltd at 322 for the target of 360 with stop loss of 316

For Short Term :-

  • Buy Tata Steel Ltd at 322 for the target of 360 with stop loss of 316
Updates :-
  • Buy call given on sesa goa is at 165 from 160 and wait for target 170.
  • Buy call given on relinfra is at 402 wait for 410 and if i will modify once again the stop loss and target then i will update as soon as possible.
Happy Trading.........

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Stock Tips for short term - Buy sesa goa

Short term calls for NSE/Nifty and BSE/Sensex:
         BUY Sesa goa at 160 for target 170 with stop loss 155


Note: Always follow money management rules.

Happy trading.........

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update: 16th april 2013 call on relinfra in near my target 396

  • My previous call given on relinfra for target 396 is closed at 389.7 and made high of 394.7 and wait for the target and after achieving the target modify your target to 410 and SL to 385. More modified targets will updated after reaching the near to the second target. So hold with patience and make money as much as possible.
  • New calls will be posted but i have not yet made any analysis to any other stocks and also one stock reliance communication which is traded by me but not update in my blog but i will post from next time onward.So keep visiting i will post as soon as possible.

Happy trading.........