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Monday, February 25, 2013

free nse bse tips for intraday cash fno 26th feb 2013

As we are holding sbi now from 2200 and tgts for short term i will post it later.

intraday and short term:-

buy relinfra for short term below 765 (for intraday also) for tgt 492 in short term and intraday book when you get 1 percent profit.

buy tata steel for short below 360 for tgt 380

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free fno cash tips for nifty and sensex on 20th feb 2013

As per my previous post i already told that go long in sbi for tgt 2400 and optical circuit (hold for long term).
Now nifty is moving towards 6000.

Today's intraday free tips:-
bharti airtel above 309 for tgt 312>>315 and in short term 325 with keeping SL of 306 for intraday and 305 for short term on closing basis.

For short term one can buy ifci for tgt 41

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free fno cash tips for nifty and sensex on 13th feb 2013


Buy sbi above 2304 with sl 2292 for tgts 2314>>2326>>2338>>2351
Sell  sbi below 2292 with sl 2304 for tgts 2282>>2270>>2258>>2246

Buy tata steel above 385 with sl 380 for tgts 390>>395>>400>>405
Sell  tata steel below 380 with sl 385 for tgts 376>>371>>366>>361

Today's free tip's on stock market for 12th feb 2013

Sorry for not updating any tips due to busy schedule.

At this stage tata steel(cmp 385) is looking good for short term.So tomorrow i will post the technical levels of tata steel for intraday and in short term tgt for tata steel is 400.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today's free tip's on stock market for 11th feb 2013

Buy relinfra for short term which can touch 515 in in 7 days.

intraday :
buy hexaware at 83.6 for tgt 85++ with sl of 82.5

we are holding sbi(short term) and optical (long term) .

Friday, February 8, 2013

today's free tip's on stock market for 8th feb 2013

Buy tata motors for tgt 295

Already holding pantaloonr (short), sbi(long) , optical(long)

- exit pantaloonr
- tata motors hit tgt

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Intraday free stock tips on nifty fno and cash for 7th feb 2013

We are holding longs in sbi from 2335 and short in pantaloonr from 241 with sl of 252 for tgt 211. and yesterday long in optical circuit from 70.

Today's free tips:

Buy OPTOCIRCUIT above 73 with sl 70 for tgts 75>>77>>79>>81
Sell  OPTOCIRCUIT below 70 with sl 73 for tgts 68>>66>>64>>62


- Those are holding pantaloonr shorts made low 230 so can book partical
- optical circuit hit tgt1 in short side

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Intraday tips for nse free on 6th feb 2013

intraday tips

Buy dlf above 276.5 with sl of 272 for tgts 280>>284>>288>>293
Sell  dlf below 272 with sl of 276.5 for tgts 268>>264>>260>>256

We are holding sbi for tgt 2400 from yesterday's level 2335 and hold pantaloonr(feb future) with sl of 252 for 211

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free intraday tips for nse on 5th feb 2013

sell pantaloonr( future) at every high for tgt 211

buy sbi in dips for tgt 2400


- sbi buy suggested in dips at 2335 is at 2371
- hold sbi for 2400
- hold pantaloonr (future) will sl of 252 for 211 tgt

Monday, February 4, 2013

Free intraday tips on relinfra in nse on 4th feb 2013

Intraday Free Tips:-
Buy relinfra above 518 with SL 512 for tgts 523>>529>>535>>540
Sell  relinfra below 512 with SL 518 for tgts 506>>501>>495>>490

Buy dlf at 274 tgt 284 sl 269


- relinfra hit tgt1
- dlf hit sl

Friday, February 1, 2013

Today's free tips for nse and bse on 1st feb 2013

Intraday tips:-

Buy Sbi above 2451 with SL 2437 for tgts 2461>>2474>>2486>>2499
Sell  Sbi below 2437 with SL 2451 for tgts 2414>>2402>>2399>>2378


- SBI achieved tgt2
- Due to busy schedules i am not able to update more free stocks tips so sorry for that.