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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

todays free call on nse and bse on future retail

buy future retail at 70.3 for the target 82 with stop loss 65

For previous stock update of date 22 Nov 2013 click here

Happy trading ....

Friday, November 22, 2013

buy dlf for short term in nse - free nifty cash and future calls

Buy dlf at 143.7 for short term in nse for initial tgt 152 next 163 and 172 with stop loss 139.

Buy nifty spot at 5980 for tgt 6070 with stop loss 5970 , at the same time those are following nifty future they can buy nifty future following nifty spot levels.


- nifty tgt 6070 done
- dlf made high 151.5 (0.5 missed from the first target)
- dlf tgt achieved

Monday, October 14, 2013

Buy ICICI bank in nse or bse at the current price 997 for short term

Buy ICICI bank in nse or bse at the current price 997 for short term and it can touch 1060 prices in the short term and maintain stop loss of 980. Here your risk is of 2 percent but gaining is of 6 percent. So from my point of view its very good bet for high returns but low risk.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Buy and Sell on HDIL in NSE

Buy hdil at 38.35 with sl 38 and target 42.7 .

If sl hit then take  sell on hdil below 37.7 and stop loss 38 and target will be updated soon if it executed.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Buy BHEL for short term in bse and nse for the tartget 133 and 150

Intraday Stocks:

For intraday, buy bhel at 127 for the target 133 with stop loss 125

Short Term Stocks:

For Short Term, buy bhel at 127 for the target 150 with stop loss 123 (closing)


Target 133 achieved. Now hold for the target 150
Modify the short term stop loss to 130 and target 150
Today it made a high to 139.45 and hold for more.
Made an high of 146.7
This time again its crossed and 127 and achieved my target of 150 and now hold for target 160 with stop loss 142.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Buy sbin for short term

short and intraday buy sbi for target 1545 and for short term you can hold for 2-3 days for the target of 1584. and stoploss for both 1515.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

buy hdil above 43.5 target 52.5 with sl 38


Short Term stock:

Buy HDIL above 43.3 target 52.3 with sl 38

Note: Use money management rules always

Happy Trading .........

Friday, July 12, 2013

Buy for short term - relinfra and bhel

Short term stocks:

Buy relinfra at 382 with sl 366 and tgt 432
Buy bhel at 187 with sl 182(closing price) and tgt 205

Happy trading.......

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For intraday and short term Buy sesa goa in NSE or BSE

buy sesa goa above 139.5 with SL of 138.5 for the tgt of 142.5 or more and reverse trade 
below 138.5 with SL of 139.5 and tgt 135 and more

more calls will update ... if i will get free time.......

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sell Axis Bank between 1410 - 1395 for the target of 1345 with stop loss of below 1410

Free call for intraday and delivery / short term calls:
                    Axis bank is showing weak and as well as nifty also in sideways so take sell in axis bank for short term as well as intraday. For intraday if it opens slightly positive but not crossed 1410 and nearer to 1410 then you will get more profits.So take sell in axis bank as given below

  • Sell Axis Bank between 1410 -  1395 for the target of 1345 with stop loss of below 1410
Happy trading.....

Friday, May 24, 2013

Updates on my previous calls

  • My all calls are closed.
  • My best call on relinfra closed and it achieved my last target of 435 and after that no modified tgt or stoploss given.
  • Call on Sesa goa also closed and opto circuit not executed. 
  • In the relinfra call got good profit. Got profit of 435-356=79 means 18% profit in 38days (not bad one). From my point of view its great call, i think visitors happy with this call.
  • More calls updated soon.......... 
Happy Trading......

Friday, May 10, 2013

Modified Target for relinfra is 435

Modified Target for the call given on May 02 ( is achieved my given Target of 410 Now my new target is 435 with stop loss of 389. The target given for 396 on april 16 its achieved and on second of may the modified target of 410 is also achieved. Now hold for the new Modified Target of 435 and with stop loss of 389.


  • Relinfra achieved Target 410
  • Tata steel not performing as per call and remain in sideways and hit stop loss so exit form the call and new target and stop loss will be posted when finds any thing good in this script.
  • Sesa goa is on Hold and made a high 166 till today.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Buy Tata Steel Ltd at 322 for the target of 360 with stop loss of 316

For Short Term :-

  • Buy Tata Steel Ltd at 322 for the target of 360 with stop loss of 316
Updates :-
  • Buy call given on sesa goa is at 165 from 160 and wait for target 170.
  • Buy call given on relinfra is at 402 wait for 410 and if i will modify once again the stop loss and target then i will update as soon as possible.
Happy Trading.........

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Stock Tips for short term - Buy sesa goa

Short term calls for NSE/Nifty and BSE/Sensex:
         BUY Sesa goa at 160 for target 170 with stop loss 155


Note: Always follow money management rules.

Happy trading.........

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update: 16th april 2013 call on relinfra in near my target 396

  • My previous call given on relinfra for target 396 is closed at 389.7 and made high of 394.7 and wait for the target and after achieving the target modify your target to 410 and SL to 385. More modified targets will updated after reaching the near to the second target. So hold with patience and make money as much as possible.
  • New calls will be posted but i have not yet made any analysis to any other stocks and also one stock reliance communication which is traded by me but not update in my blog but i will post from next time onward.So keep visiting i will post as soon as possible.

Happy trading.........

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update: relinfra call given on april 16


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A small correction in my previously posted call of opto circuit

As per my previous call given on opto circuit that buy at 61-62 level but now my suggestion is buy above 64 for the tgt of 108 ( this call is not yet executed as per the new update). i will update this call once again when opto circuit will brack 64 so keep you track on this stock when it will brack 64 then immediately buy with sl 60.

- As i have given call on relinfra in near days for the tgt 396 now it is at 367 wait for the tgt to be achived in few days .

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

buy reliance infra for short term tgt 396 - today's free stock tips

Today's free tips for nse,bse or nifty, sensex:-

Buy reliance infra at 356 for short term tgt 396 with SL 350

          Dear visitors trade tips which are provided in this blog with money management rules will make more money. More tips will updated after tracking details of that stock. Happy Trading ...

Friday, March 29, 2013

buy opto circuit for short term

hello friends now these days its not possible for intraday trading so i am updating for short term calls and intraday calls will provide after getting time.

For short term :
- buy at this level (60-61) opto circuit for tgt 108 for short term period

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I never trade with out technical analysis of a stock

Hello every one , i never trade with out charts and technical analysis of stock. Before some months ago i always trade blindly. Now i realized how to trade and what to trade and when to trade with money management strategies.So those are following my blog they must have to first follow some rules to make money in the market with technical analysis.

1. Always follow money management
    ( See here -- What is money management? )
2. Always control your emotions
3. Always follow technical analysis
4. Never trade on event days like RBI policies, Budget days etc
5. Never follow the Rumors in the market
    ( like -- In some where else if some one says buy or sell , comments in some websites etc.. )

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Buy relinfra for tgt 463 with sl of 433 on closing basis

Buy relinfra above 433 for tgt 463 with sl of 433 on closing basis.

The above given call is for short term period.The above given call is purely on the basis of technical analysis.

Monday, February 25, 2013

free nse bse tips for intraday cash fno 26th feb 2013

As we are holding sbi now from 2200 and tgts for short term i will post it later.

intraday and short term:-

buy relinfra for short term below 765 (for intraday also) for tgt 492 in short term and intraday book when you get 1 percent profit.

buy tata steel for short below 360 for tgt 380

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free fno cash tips for nifty and sensex on 20th feb 2013

As per my previous post i already told that go long in sbi for tgt 2400 and optical circuit (hold for long term).
Now nifty is moving towards 6000.

Today's intraday free tips:-
bharti airtel above 309 for tgt 312>>315 and in short term 325 with keeping SL of 306 for intraday and 305 for short term on closing basis.

For short term one can buy ifci for tgt 41

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free fno cash tips for nifty and sensex on 13th feb 2013


Buy sbi above 2304 with sl 2292 for tgts 2314>>2326>>2338>>2351
Sell  sbi below 2292 with sl 2304 for tgts 2282>>2270>>2258>>2246

Buy tata steel above 385 with sl 380 for tgts 390>>395>>400>>405
Sell  tata steel below 380 with sl 385 for tgts 376>>371>>366>>361

Today's free tip's on stock market for 12th feb 2013

Sorry for not updating any tips due to busy schedule.

At this stage tata steel(cmp 385) is looking good for short term.So tomorrow i will post the technical levels of tata steel for intraday and in short term tgt for tata steel is 400.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today's free tip's on stock market for 11th feb 2013

Buy relinfra for short term which can touch 515 in in 7 days.

intraday :
buy hexaware at 83.6 for tgt 85++ with sl of 82.5

we are holding sbi(short term) and optical (long term) .

Friday, February 8, 2013

today's free tip's on stock market for 8th feb 2013

Buy tata motors for tgt 295

Already holding pantaloonr (short), sbi(long) , optical(long)

- exit pantaloonr
- tata motors hit tgt

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Intraday free stock tips on nifty fno and cash for 7th feb 2013

We are holding longs in sbi from 2335 and short in pantaloonr from 241 with sl of 252 for tgt 211. and yesterday long in optical circuit from 70.

Today's free tips:

Buy OPTOCIRCUIT above 73 with sl 70 for tgts 75>>77>>79>>81
Sell  OPTOCIRCUIT below 70 with sl 73 for tgts 68>>66>>64>>62


- Those are holding pantaloonr shorts made low 230 so can book partical
- optical circuit hit tgt1 in short side

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Intraday tips for nse free on 6th feb 2013

intraday tips

Buy dlf above 276.5 with sl of 272 for tgts 280>>284>>288>>293
Sell  dlf below 272 with sl of 276.5 for tgts 268>>264>>260>>256

We are holding sbi for tgt 2400 from yesterday's level 2335 and hold pantaloonr(feb future) with sl of 252 for 211

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free intraday tips for nse on 5th feb 2013

sell pantaloonr( future) at every high for tgt 211

buy sbi in dips for tgt 2400


- sbi buy suggested in dips at 2335 is at 2371
- hold sbi for 2400
- hold pantaloonr (future) will sl of 252 for 211 tgt

Monday, February 4, 2013

Free intraday tips on relinfra in nse on 4th feb 2013

Intraday Free Tips:-
Buy relinfra above 518 with SL 512 for tgts 523>>529>>535>>540
Sell  relinfra below 512 with SL 518 for tgts 506>>501>>495>>490

Buy dlf at 274 tgt 284 sl 269


- relinfra hit tgt1
- dlf hit sl

Friday, February 1, 2013

Today's free tips for nse and bse on 1st feb 2013

Intraday tips:-

Buy Sbi above 2451 with SL 2437 for tgts 2461>>2474>>2486>>2499
Sell  Sbi below 2437 with SL 2451 for tgts 2414>>2402>>2399>>2378


- SBI achieved tgt2
- Due to busy schedules i am not able to update more free stocks tips so sorry for that.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

todays free tips on nse and bse for 31st jan 2013

Intraday tips:-

Buy Sbi above 2438 with SL 2425 for tgts 2449>>2461>>2474>>2486
Sell  Sbi below 2425 with SL 2438 for tgts 2414>>2402>>2399>>2378

- Sbi near the tgt1 in sell side
- Now sbi achieved tgt1 in Buy side

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today's free tips nse and bse for 30th jan 2013

Intraday Free Tips:-
Buy relinfra above 524 with SL 517 for tgts 529>>535>>540>>546
Sell  relinfra below 517 with SL 524 for tgts 512>>506>>501>>495

Buy ril above 885 with SL 877 for tgts 892>>899>>907>>914
Sell  ril below 877 with SL 885 for tgts 871>>863>>856>>849

Buy Sbi above 2463 with SL 2450 for tgts 2474>>2486>>2499>>2511
Sell  Sbi below 2450 with SL 2463 for tgts 2439>>2427>>2414>>2402

We are holding ranbaxy for short term for tgts 510
For contact on my mobile no or email id or you can comment

- ril hit tgt 2
- sbi achieved tgt1 in sell side
- sbi near tgt2
- sbi tgt2 done exit from sbi

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today's free nse bse tips for 29th jan 2013

We are holding RIL and for short term holding ranbaxy.

For Today:-
Buy relinfra above 535 with SL 529 for tgts 540>>546>>552>>558
Sell  relinfra below 529 with SL 535 for tgts 524>>518>>512>>506

If any doubts you can mail me or comment here, my mail id is -

- relinfra hit tgt1 and tgt2 in sell side
- ril hit sl so exit
- hold ranbaxy

Monday, January 28, 2013

Todays free calls on nse and bse for 28th jan 2013

Buy dlf at 262.5 for tgt 266 SL 260
Buy maruti at 1626 for tgt 1646 sl 1616
Buy ril at 898 for tgt 908 with sl 893

- dlf tgt achieved
- modify maruti buy call sl to 1613, one can hold positional with same sl for tgt 1650
- sl in hit in maruti for both intraday and positional so exit
- Intraday ril call made high of 902 after the call but positional those are holding may book profit in (1-3) days 910-912.

Friday, January 25, 2013

free calls on nifty and sensex stocks and nifty levels for 25th jan 2013

My blog provides on Free cash calls, Free fno calls, Free nifty levels

Nifty Spot levels:-

Buy nifty above 6026 with SL of 6006 for tgts 6042>>6061>>6080>>6100
Sell  nifty below 6006 with SL of 6026 for tgts 5990>>5970>>5951>>5932

Free Cash calls:-
Buy SBI above 2463 with SL of 2450 for tgts 2474>>2486>>2499>>2511
Sell SBI  below 2450 with SL of 2463 for tgts 2439>>2427>>2411>>2402

Free short calls:-
Buy Ranbaxy in dips cmp(451) for tgts 510

- SBI achieved tgt3 in buy side book full or book partial and hold for tgt4 with SL of 2486
- Nifty spot achieved tgt 1 in buy side
- Nifty spot achieved tgt 2 in buy side
- SBI near 3rd tgt
- SBI all tgts achieved in buy side
- Nifty spot achieved tgt 3 in buy side
- I think those are following my blog they rocked
- Happy weekends

Thursday, January 24, 2013

free intraday delivery fno cash tips in nse and bse on 24th jan 2013


- As yesterday suggested to buy nmdc with sl 158 holding for the tgt 168++ and for today

Todays free calls:

Buy pantaloonr above 264 with sl 260 for tgts 268>>272>>276>>280
Sell  pantaloonr below 260 with sl 264 for tgts 256>>252>>248>>244


- pantaloonr hit all the tgts in sell side and nmdc hit SL.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free stock cash fno tips for tomorrow for nse bse nifty sensex for today on 23rd jan 2013

- For intraday and positional  Buy NMDC at cmp with SL 158 for target of 168++
- For intraday and positional  Buy Nifty future at cmp  with SL 6034 for tgt of 6121++

More updates will updated at market hours and if you have any doubt please comment i will answer it as soon as possible.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

free nse bse tips on fno cash futures for 22nd jan 2013

1. Nifty spot
Buy Above 6084 with SL 6064 for tgts 6100>>6120>>6139>>6159
Sell  Below 6064 with SL 6084 for tgts 6048>>6028>>6009>>5989

2. Infosys

Buy Above 2809 with SL 2795 for tgts 2820>>2834>>2847>>2860
Sell  Below 2795 with SL 2809 for tgts 2783>>2770>>2757>>2744

For options trader : Take a PE 6000 near nifty spot 6100 (positional and intraday)

More updates see the comments if i will online at market hours


- Yesterday those are shorts taken in sbi can book some profit and hold for more (shorts recommended at 2503 in spot or 2513 in future now its 2593 in future)

- Infosys  near tgt1 in short side, made low of 2786.35

- Infosys tgt1 achieved in sell side

- Buy optical circuit(cmp 88.5) for long term those want get more than double income in 1 to 2 yrs

- Those are taken sell in nifty future as suggested in the morning to buy PE 6000 at nifty spot 6100   got more than 25pts in future and in PE 6000 also.

- In nifty tgt1 achieved in sell side, sbi shorts rocked, PE 6000 made some good gain, and optical circuit also suggest for long at 88.5 closed at 91.85 and made high 94.25 after the call , so those are taken for intraday they also got more than 3 percent gain.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

free nse cash tips for 21st jan 2013

BUY LT ABOVE 1540.55 WITH SL 1530.75

TGT 1     1549.60
TGT 2     1559.45
TGT 3     1569.35
TGT 4     1579.25

SELL LT BELOW 1530.80 WITH SL 1540.60

TGT 1     1521.75
TGT 2     1512.00
TGT 3     1502.30
TGT 4     1492.60

More calls will be updated at market hours.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Important Update for site visitors

Hello friends, Actually sorry to all site visitors , friends actually due to lack of time i am not able to update my blog from this Monday onward i will update regularly keep visiting for free tips.